Summer School Registration will be LIVE May 1, 2019


Please Note: The InformNet Summer School Program is for repeater courses only! You may only register for a summer school course if you have taken the course before and have achieved a mark of 30% or higher. If your mark was less than 30%, you must receive permission from your current school before registering for the InformNet Summer School Program.

Summer school runs from July 3 to July 27, 2019

2019 Summer School Courses are:

Grade 9

Science 10F, Social Studies 10F, ELA 10F, Math 10F, Physical Education 10F

Grade 10

Essential Math 20S, Intro to Applied and Pre-Calculus Math 20S, ELA 20F, Geography 20F, Science 20F, Physical Education 20F

Grade 11

History of Canada 30F, Applied Math 30S, Pre-Calculus Math 30S, Essential Math 30S, Biology 30S, Chemistry 30S, Physics 30S,   ELA Comprehensive Focus 30S,   ELA Transactional Focus 30S, Physical Education 30F

Grade 12

Applied Math 40S, Pre-Calculus Math 40S, Essential Math 40S, Biology 40S, Chemistry 40S, Physics 40S, ELA Comprehensive Focus 40S, ELA Transactional Focus 40S, Physical Education 40F

    Manitoba's ONLY Online Summer School

  • InformNet summer courses follow the provincial guideline of 45 hours of curriculum content.
  • InformNet summer school is available for students who have not successfully completed a particular course(s) during the regular academic year or wish to improve their passing grade.
  • The InformNet Summer School Program is available to all students in Manitoba wanting to benefit from the flexibility of an online summer school program.
  • All online courses are facilitated by a certified teacher, who has teaching experience and expertise in the subject area. You may access your course, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Blackboard System contains an internal message and announcement system. Your instructor will send you a welcome message, during the first week of classes. The instructor will also answer any questions you have within 24 hours (not including weekends) and mark any assignments and tests within a timely manner. Please note that you must use the internal email system to contact your teacher.
  • In order to be successful you will need to log in consistently. There is no set time, but logging in one to three hours a day, five times a week, will give you the best chance for a successful course completion. The majority of the summer courses consist of four modules. The workload normally consists of one or two assignments per module, discussion and/or journal postings and a module test. (Some courses may also include a final exam). InformNet summer courses are completed 100% online.
  • Final marks are sent to your home school. You will not recieve a copy of your final mark in the mail. Please check with your home school and contact the InformNet Office if your school informs you that the mark has not been received.

How much does it cost?

$210 per Course

The Course Fee is applicable to all students and must be paid prior to the first day of class. (Payment can be made by PayPal or Cheque).
Payment can be submitted online via PayPal or mailed to InformNet at 181 Henlow Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3Y 1M7.
InformNet does not mail receipts, as summer school payments, are not tax deductible. Summer school refunds cannot be given after two weeks of classes.

Our Frequently Asked Questions Page has the System Reqirements. If you would like more information prior to registration please visit General Info , or Contact Us for more information. You can register online by completing our Registration Form .

You may also register in-person. Dates and location of the in-person registration sessions will be posted on the Main Page of the InformNet website: