Registration Information for the 2023-24 school year

Please click here (Courses Listing page: https://informnet.mb.ca/courses.html) for a course listsings,  syncrounous schedule and other information needed for registration.

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Students have a choice between two learning options:

Blended/Asynchronous Learning Option: This student-directed option is our most popular option and offers students the most control in their learning. Students work through Brightspace learning modules, submit the module assignments, and finally complete the specified online tests.

Synchronous Learning Option: These courses are only available to students who are NOT in a day school. (Not available in summer session.)

Online learning is not for everyone. It is an opportunity given to students who cannot get into a course offered at their school, need a credit required for graduation or would like to try a course not offered at their home school. The guidance counselor and school administration have the right to limit access to online courses if there are relevant academic issues associated with the student that would hinder the progress in an online environment.