Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of our web site.

I need an email account?

Yes, you will need an email account to receive information on how to begin your course.

What is a MET#?

This is a 9 digit number that is given to each student attending school in Manitoba. It is found on the transcript or report card.It is sometimes called a provincial student number. Example: 103 ### 098

How will I begin once I have registered?

InForm Net will send to you a username and password along with a document explaining how to begin your course.

How do I navigate through my course?

Always remember look at the left hand bar if you can't find something. This is where all your links are accessible to help you navigate through your course.

When can I access the course?

The course is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I start this course at any time?

There are specific registration dates. Courses are offered during the first and second semesters. Please check the course schedule for this information.

How much are your courses? How do I pay?

  • $500/course (Regular School Year).
  • $200 for a Summer School course. Please pay by PayPal, cheque (Make all cheques payable to InformNet)or cash. The Course Fee is applicable to all students and must be paid prior to the first day of class.
    (Payment can be submitted online via PayPal or mailed to InformNet at 181 Henlow Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3Y 1M7).

Can I see a demo course?

Please click the "Course Demo Link" and select Preview as a Guest

Do I receive credit for completing an InForm Net course?

Yes all courses offered through InformNet are credit courses recognized by Manitoba Education.

What do I need on my computer?

  • Internet access
  • An office suite with a word processor and a presentation creator (Microsoft Office, Apache Open Office (free), Google Docs are examples)
  • PDF Reader (Adobe Reader)
  • Web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Edge etc.)