Who is InformNet For?

InformNet provides options and opportunities for learners in many situations:

  • Students registered in high schools that may not be able to provide core, complimentary or optional courses for a variety of reasons. (e.g. staffing, scheduling and enrollment)
  • Students who are currently on a home school program. (e.g. health issues and schools of choice decisions)
  • Mature and adult students in a variety of situations. (e.g. those enrolled in adult learning centres, part time students and those desiring upgrading or additional courses for continuing education purposes)
  • Students whose life and career goals frequently require extended periods of time away from their designated school. (e.g. those students who are involved in the performing arts and elite athletics)
  • Students whose family circumstances necessitate extended periods of travel or relocation. (e.g. missionary or humanitarian work, cultural exchanges and career or job related transfers)

How Does InformNet Work?

Any working environment includes a series of involved and shared responsibilities. Students, teachers, parents and administrators all have specified roles within the online learning community.

The Role of the Student:

  • Being in regular attendance. Attendance is defined as submitting your work and participating fully in class activities.
  • Students are expected to make their assignments a priority and participate in all class activities including discussions, projects and assignments.

The Role of the Teacher:

  • The teacher provides interesting instructional materials based on approved Manitoba Education.
  • The teacher will be available to students online on a daily basis. This involves checking and responding to e-mail regularly throughout the day, and contacting the student or parent.
  • The teacher will mark and return assignments in a timely manner, and provide personalized feedback to the student and or parent regarding the student's academic progress.

The Role of the Parent:

  • InformNet teachers provide the opportunity to assist the student in his or her assignments.
  • Parents supervise their students at home and may review assignments with them.
  • Parents may also communicate with the instructor by calling or using email.

The Role of the Administrator:

  • Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school.
  • The registration of students
  • Evaluation of instructors and courses.
  • Promotion, partnerships, budgeting, reporting to the InformNet Executive and the technical operation of the school and its resources

What Resources are Available?

Students have access to all printed material, videos, and computer software available through their local schools, Manitoba Education and InformNet.

Students will also have access to their teacher and other teachers at InformNet.

How are InformNet Students Evaluated?

InformNet is an online learning experience. In most ways students are evaluated using the same procedures as the regular program. This includes traditional methods such as tests and projects. Evaluation is also based on formal learning demonstrations. Tests and projects are sent via the Web Site or through email. Courses, with mid-course and, or final exams would be written at a mutually agreed upon location. Provincial testing and standards exams are written as per the regulations of Manitoba Education and Training.